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08.04.14 His Majesty's Visit

After the key presentation ceremony, His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam consented to visit two educational institutions, several private firms and homes of the new recipients.

Over the years, it has become customary for His Majesty to follow up the House Key Presentation Ceremony with visits to institutions of learning to take a personal look at the development and progress of education in the country. The Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah Religious School in Kampong Perpindahan Berakas was the first facility visited by the Monarch today. Built in 1987, the school was previously called as Jalan Dato Ahmad Perpindahan Berakas Religious School. Two years later, it was renamed as the Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah Religious School.  Now it has more than one thousand students attending the morning and afternoon sessions.

His Majesty has often stressed the importance of Religious Education.  Priority is given to it in the country's Educational system with the intention of providing the proper religious education to the country's people. Numerous efforts have been implemented to provide formal and informal religious education to religious school pupils in the country. Among them is the Inshirah Programme for pupils from pre-school to primary three.  Asuhan Budi, Arabic Language Guidance, hadrah, dikir, tausheh, nashid, memorising Al-Quran and doa are among the programme contents.

His Majesty also witnessed the teaching of Al-Quran using Info-Communication Technology, ICT.  The technology makes teaching simpler, faster, and the approach suits the time demand, adding value in formal education, especially in using Islamic Religious Education to develop the children's character or personality.

A local company involved in food processing and production, Syarikat ASLI-KTM Sendirian Berhad at the Lambak Kanan Industrial Site also had the honour of receiving the Monarch. The company established in 1982 processes many types of noodles.  With the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources through the Brunei Industrial Development Agency, BINA, the company was awarded a piece of land as site for the noodle factory in 2007.  It started operations in the area on the 1st of December 2012.

With humble beginnings as a small business at Ban 5 Kampong Kilanas, the company now seven workers and produces one metric ton of noodles in two hours. Realising the great potential of the global halal market, it plans to export its products to the People's Republic of China in the coming September.

Another school that received His Majesty's attention was the Sayyidina Abu Bakar secondary School at Jalan 77, Lambak Kanan National Housing.  With a teaching staff of more than 100, the institute is committed to developing the students' potential by providing quality education and turn them into professionals to fulfil the country's needs and face the challenges of the ever changing world.

His Majesty consenting to interact with them was surely an honour to the students and simultaneously provided motivation for them to strive for success in education.  As the succeeding generation who will become the future leader, education and knowledge are most essential.

More than one thousand students study at the school, from Year 7 to Year 11.  As His Majesty often said in previous titah or Royal Address, education is a life-long investment, because achievements generated by a good educational system would determine the nation's future direction. Hence, His Majesty's Government provides a huge budget for education to ensure the country's people gain the education and skills in all the relevant fields.

The Mukim and Kampong Consultative Institution, as well as the village leadership did not escape His Majesty's scrutiny.  The Monarch consented to visit the home of Ketua Kampong of Area Two, Lambak Kanan National Housing, Awang Haji Basri bin Abu Bakar. While there, His Majesty was briefed on the village development, including government projects and economic activities conducted by the villagers.

For village residents who had gathered to welcome their beloved ruler, the opportunity to interact or mingle with His Majesty was a thing they would not want to miss. His Majesty's friendliness towards the people enlivens the meeting that was already filled with harmony and nearness.  Area Two of the Lambak Kanan National Housing covers an area of nearly two hundred hectares and has more than five thousand residents.

The Monarch then consented to proceed to Syarikat Simpor Pharma Sendirian Berhad that produces pharmaceutical, health nutrition and cosmetics products.  Located at the Salambigar Industrial Site, the company is the first local company to produce such products. The business is a venture with a Canadian firm ans has 38 employees, 36 of them Bruneians.  It began operations last year and shares a similar objective with His Majesty's government to be the leader in the Halal pharmaceutical, health nutrition and cosmetics Industry.  The company is also the first that will use the Halal Brunei Label marketing products to the Muslims communities, including Middle-Eastern countries.  Exports are scheduled to begin this year.

His Majesty also consented to visit a number of terrace and detached houses at the Tanah Jambu National Housing belonging to today's key recipients. The number of completed houses and currently under construction has helped those wishing to own houses.  Covering an area of 450 hectares, the Tanah Jambu National Housing project provides a total of one thousand five hundred twenty two houses, of which 266 are detached units and 256 terrace units.

The happiness that lit up the faces of the people who gathered to greet His Majesty showed their love for their caring monarch.  The closeness or rapport such as this, is the core of the people's loyalty, to continue upholding a preserving the sovereignty of the Monarchy.  The strong bond of love between the ruler and the people is the country's backbone in maintaining peace, stability and harmony.  It's also a symbol of unity and cooperation.

Today His Majesty spared time to be with the people in a friendly and harmonious atmosphere.  His Majesty visited the homes of the home recipients not only to interact, but most importantly to listen to their stories, be it happiness or woes.  Maintaining top quality life for the people is always the country aim and vision. The National Housing Projects provides a source of harmonious living among the people so they could continue the Brunei community and neighbourly way of life and cooperation.

His Majesty ended the visit with a luncheon at the Rizqun International Hotel in Gadong.  The Monarch's concern for the people's wellbeing is the key to the country's progress, prosperity and security.

News courtesy of Radio Television Brunei
Photo courtesy of InfoFoto