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The National Flag Of Brunei Darussalam


The rectangular shaped State flag of four component portion, two parallelograms and two trapeziums - is cut across by a parallelogram from a point 6.35 cm below the top left corner to a point of the same distance from the bottom corner on the right side.

The standard measures 82 cm long by 91.4 cm wide.

The parallelogram dividing the rectangle in this manner leaves two similar trapeziums at the top and bottom of the flag, with the lower trapezium assuming the inverted form of the upper trapezium.

The parallelogram is again divided into two parallelograms of unequal depths, the upper being 2.54 cm wider that the lower which is 19.05 cm in width.

The State crest in red superimposes the center of the flag.

The forefingers of the upright arms, which support the red crest, are equidistant at 61 cm from the left and right sides of the flag.

Embodied in the crest in yellow Arabic script is the state motto, which can be roughly translated: Always Render Service by God's Guidance

Four colours are incorporated in the flag, red for the crest, yellow for the trapeziums, white for the upper parallelogram and black for the lower parallelogram.

The National Crest of Brunei Darussalam


The National Crest of Brunei Darussalam has developed from a Royal emblem and in its original form still maintains its status as one of the Royal emblems.

The present National Crest was superimposed on the National flag after promulgation of the 1959 Brunei Constitution.

The crest consists of:

Bendera - the flag.
Payung Ubor-Ubor - the Royal Umbrella.
Sayap - the wing.
Tangan (Kimhap) - the hand
Bulan - the crescent.

The Bendera and Payung Ubor-Ubor have been Royal regalia's since the creation of the crest.

The Sayap - the wing of four feathers - symbolizes the protection of justice, tranquility, prosperity and peace.

Tangan or Kimhap - the hand - signifies the Government's pledge to promote welfare, peace and prosperity.

Bulan - the crescent - is the symbol of Islam, the national religion of Brunei Darussalam.
The characters inscribed on the crescent is the National slogan, "Always in service with God's guidance".

The scroll beneath the crest reads "Brunei Darussalam" which means "Brunei, the abode of peace".